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What our patients say about our NYC Chiropractors

Adeline Gray
Nicole Ross
Nicole RossTeam USA Olympic Foil Fencing Athlete
Nzingha Prescod
Nzingha PrescodTeam USA Olympic Foil Fencing Athlete

Robert Mohr

Hank Bonnell
Hank BonnellExperienced the symptom for 6 months in the shoulder region and 6-7 years in the hip region prior to TAI Treatment
Dr. Nakano utilizes classical chiropractic techniques along with A.R.T. to heal sports injuries.  He is keeping current with the most up-to-date treatment techniques thru his affliation with the Olympic training center.  He and his staff are personal, professional & kind.  After helping repair a shoulder injury, Dr. Nakano used A.R.T. to help me resolve a long standing hip/glut/hamstring injury caused by years of running & sitting in an office chair.  He and his staff provided guidance to allow me to strengthen my core functions in between visits to speed my recovery.
John Withrow
John WithrowKona Ironman Championship Qualifying Race at Mont-Tremblant
John’s journey from novice triathlete in 2009 to 6x Ironman culminated in his Kona-qualifying performance in August 2014 at IM Mont Tremblant. He first began seeing Dr. Angela Fain in 2011 for simple neck pain and immediately recognized the benefit of her treatment to his overall athletic condition. As John increased his training leading up to IM Mont Tremblant, he received weekly treatments to keep him functioning at 100% and to prevent any potential injuries. TAI Chiropractic is very proud to have been apart of Team Withrow by supporting his goals of becoming a Kona-competitor Ironman.  Click here to read his race report.
Zata Toscano
Zata ToscanoBrazillian Jiu Jitsu Injury
The first thing that crossed my mind when I walked into TAI Chiropractic was… professionalism. This clinic exudes exactly that. From the on point reception, to the patient intake form, treatment, everything was spot on perfect. Don’t let the Chiropractic title veer you away, for this place does way more than align you spine. I was informed upon walking in that Chiropractic services were just the tip of the iceberg. I had popped a rib while training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and had previously been experiencing hip, ankle and knee pain/discomfort. I inquired about an appointment and had it scheduled via e-mail. I saw Dr. Hiromichi Nakano D.C. two days later and he gave me a very concise explanation before performing anything, walked me through the entire diagnosis during my first treatment, and gave me the proper knowledge to prevent and improve my current conditions. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking a beneficial health solution. I also truly admire the lineage and tradition that TAI represents, it’s safe to say that you are in good hands with this team of professionals.
K.H.Experienced the symptom for 6 months prior to TAI treatment
“Dr. Nakano changed the course of my recovery from a repetitive motion injury sustained in the hands and arms. I first visited Dr. Nakano after months of unsuccessful treatments elsewhere – I was still in pain, yet with dwindling treatment options. I decided to pursue treatments with Dr. Nakano because he began to demystify the symptoms of the pain that supported his proposed approach to treatment. I appreciated Dr. Nakano’s positive enthusiasm as well as his meticulous approach throughout the weeks of intensive treatments. I was particularly impressed with his casual yet informative style of communication that was helpful in staying informed throughout the long recovery process. Dr. Nakano and his staff created a warm and friendly environment at the clinic that made it less daunting on repeated office visits. Thank you, Dr. Nakano, for paving the way to my successful recovery!”
David Hales
David Hales
The artist of this painting first came to TAI chiropractic following an acute muscle spasm in his low back in 2012. A business owner and avid painter, David pushed past the initial warning signs of pain so that he could continue his work. When the intense low back pain stopped him in his tracks, he knew he had to make a change. Pain free for 3 years now, David realizes how important it is to listen to his body and perform regular exercise to be able to continue making his masterpieces!  Click here to see more pieces.
Patient at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Patient at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
We had the honor of helping one of our long time patients achieve a lifetime goal of hiking Machu Picchu. This adventurous traveler flew to South America to hike the trail and also took an 8 hour bus ride to a remote area in Bolivia to see the spectacular “Salar de Uyuni” where she took the photo below. She says “I couldn’t have imagined sitting on a bus for that long a year ago without back pain.” In addition to getting regular treatment by Dr. Fain and Dr. Nakano, this particular patient took active care classes to make her body strong. We are so proud of all her hard work.
Mr. Yasushi
Mr. Yasushi
“I first started going to Dr. Nakano’s clinic due to a martial arts injury.  Since I had never received chiropractic treatment before, I was a little nervous.  However, Dr. Nakano was very kind and explained everything so clearly that he put me at ease.  I got well quickly.  And not only did I get well, Dr. Nakano also pointed out other areas of my body to be more conscious of in order to prevent from future problems.  The clinic atmosphere is also very friendly and cheerful.”]

Ms. Yabu




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Mr. Kuwamura

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