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Dr. Hiromichi Nakano Chiropractor NYC

Dr. Hiromichi Nakano D.C., C.C.S.P.® – Doctor

Raised upstairs from the family clinic with three brothers, this NYC chiropractor learned much from seeing all of the wonderful work his family did. His great grandfather started a chiropractic clinic in 1926 in Japan and passed down the core philosophy, “listen to your body” to his family for generations to come.  A fourth generation chiropractor, Dr. Hiromichi Nakano D.C. C.C.S.P.®, has taken his great grandfather’s knowledge to help his own patients fix bodily issues from the root of the problem to avoid long-term health issues.

In fact, all three of his brothers followed the same career path, and his father and grandfather received awards from the Emperor of Japan for their chiropractic work. Wanting to learn more, Dr. Nakano bravely flew to the United States at the age of 28 with no English education. After an intense year of learning the language, he was accepted into Southern California University of Health & Sciences.  He was given the opportunity to travel to places like Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico volunteering his chiropractic expertise. Dr. Nakano’s true strength and grit were exhibited when he treated a high-ranking Bolivian military official surrounded by loaded guns.

Once Dr. Nakano graduated, he was eager to treat top business professionals, so of course he moved to NYC to open the clinic. Here, Dr. Nakano found what he was looking for: a land that was filled with diversity and patients from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, professional musicians, team USA Olympians, and businesspeople competing in IronMan competitions.

Dr. Nakano is an ideal chiropractor. He is a new father and an athletic person himself, who values good health as one of the keys to being able to fully enjoy life. He believes that life is too short to be in pain, and that long-term solutions to any condition is necessary to increase quality of life. He goes to work every day simply to get you that solution. That said, every aspect of his treatment shows how much he values patients being knowledgeable about their condition, knowing what to look for and when, and figuring out how to prevent further damage to their important bodies.


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