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TAI Chiropractors of NYC – Treatment Philosophy

Sports Medicine TAI treatment philosophy

Our practitioners are dedicated to finding the best non-surgical solution for you.  Before any treatment is to take place, the doctors will do a comprehensive exam and investigation of your condition to determine where the pain is coming from. Underlying causes such as weak core function, poor coordination, incorrect muscle firing pattern due to old injuries or exercise form are often the true source of pain. We do not rest with a simple diagnosis such as “pinched nerve” or “muscle strain”, but instead want to determine why the condition started in the first place and how we can correct it permanently. It is necessary to take a step back and examine you as a whole. How does your posture affect the condition? Is each part of the body doing its fair share of work? Is one muscle group compensating for another weaker area?

With a comprehensive exam & a combination of research-based techniques, TAI Chiropractic is able to deliver the highest quality care and get the fastest results.



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Body Movement Audit

TAI's NYC Chiropractors conduct MOVEMENT AUDITS for your body While traditional exams provide a wealth of information about your condition, it is also necessary to conduct "movement audit". As movement specialists, the practitioners will analyze not only quantity  of movement (eg. can't conduct a tennis serve) but also quality of movement [...]