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FAQ’s- Answered by our NYC Chiropractors

Each visit starts with a complimentary consultation to see if we can help. If the doctor decides to proceed with an exam, you should be prepared to answer questions about your health history and to change into a gown that we will provide. If you have any recent studies (MRI, Xray. etc) that you think might be helpful, please bring them in.
Of course. We have a wide range of effective treatments. Some conditions respond best to the traditional chiropractic adjustment where an audible “pop” is produced. However, if you are uncomfortable with the idea, we have plenty of alternatives that are just as effective.
Of course. Please click here to see a list of conditions we treat. If you don’t see your condition on the list, you may still come in for a complimentary consultation to see if we can help. If we can’t, we will do our best to lead you in the direction of some one who can.
We understand that insurance can be confusing and respect that you are investing your time and money into your health. During the consultation we will outline all of the financials with you before we begin any services we charge for. Please know that we have affordable non-insurance rates for those who do not have insurance.
If you have a condition that affects your performance, TAI’s treatment can help. Most athletes report feeling “lighter” and “looser” following treatment. In fact, many professional athletes get treatment right before their events. If you are concerned about trying something new before your big day, we can tailor the treatment to your comfort level.
Not necessarily. For some conditions, deep tissue work is required. Most people describe the sensation as a “good pain” or a “relief”. If you are concerned about your pain tolerance, please tell the doctor and he or she will adjust the amount of pressure they use.
That depends. Assuming that your health history doesn’t reveal any “red flags” (major trauma, history of cancer, etc), the doctor can usually gather enough information about your body through a physical exam. If you are not responding to treatment in the way the doctor anticipated, he or she may order and Xray or MRI to take a closer look.
Absolutely. In fact, many doulas, midwives, and OB/GYNs refer their patients to us for pregnancy-related pain. It is the safest option as some medications can affect the fetus. We even have special tables that allow for the mother’s expanding belly.