Capture your 1 year old

//Capture your 1 year old

Capture your 1 year old

There are many ways to celebrate your one year old.  For Romas bday, we decided to keep it just between the 3 of us, and take lots of photographic proof we celebrated.  One thing I did want to do is capture his spirit at that age.  After lots of googling, and pinterest-ing, I decided to try to have Roma paint.

Painting would be able to capture his physically ability, intelligence, and spirit of the moment that no photo or video would be able to do.  Thankfully, the project was a success.

The Setup

So obviously, I didn’t use regular paint for a one year old who puts everything in his mouth.  I got an edible paint recipe from Stay at Home Educator.  Take a look here for her post about her experience.

What you will need:


Corn Starch


Food Coloring


Watercolor paper


Unclothed Baby

Long sleeved bib (optional)

So…I hate mess.  Especially when it involves paint. I saran wrapped the table, then taped the piece of paper on top of it.

The recipe:

2 Tablespoons Corn Starch

4 Tablespoons Water

Food Coloring

Mix all the ingredients together and you are good to go.  To help start the ball rolling , I placed a couple of drops on the paper, and let my baby swirl the paint.  He was so interested in the color, that he didn’t really eat it.

**If your baby has many food allergies, you may want to wait until your baby is a little older.

Couple Additional Tips

#1)       Make sure you have everything ready before you place your baby in the chair, otherwise they will start pulling the saran wrap before you get the paper set up.

#2)       Have a couple of pieces of paper stacked on top of each other so you can pull the top layer off when they are done.  This way you get a couple of masterpieces to choose from or if they are all good, use them all!


Considering it was a crafts project, the clean up was not bad.  Everything was on the saran wrap, and nothing was stained.  His hands were a bit Hulk-ish but after a couple hours, his hands returned to normal.


Because we used cornstarch, the paint doesn’t come out in dark colors, but framed I believe it will give a sophisticated look.  Don’t forget to put the date on the masterpiece so you can share it with your kid in years to come.  I plan to do this every year until he refuses to so that we can see the progression of every year.

*Sorry the lighting in my room and my camera is making the image look more yellowish.  I will update when I get these in frames.

Did you try it with your kids?  What do you guys think?  Any ways to improve this project? Don’t forget to share your babys masterpieces in the comment section below.

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